Person centered dining in Care Homes

22 January 2021

As the number of tech-savvy and health aware care home residents rise, there will be a greater need for a more person centered approach at meal times.

Resident expectations will only get higher and offering a wider variety of food choices in Care Homes, Retirement Villages and Care Centres places them in a better position to attract and satisfy more residents.

In 2018, the Department of Health and Social Care reported that “the state of online services, basic IT and clinical tools in health and care” was “far behind” where it needed to be. The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly forced a “huge uptake in digital solutions in the care sector”, much like many workplaces across the world. Kafoodle CEO Tarryn Gorre says: “it’s as if the care sector has suddenly catapulted five years into the future.”

Kafoodle’s user-friendly software means that everybody involved in the mealtime journey from the chefs to the diner can now easily access and adjust the information as needed, creating an unprecedented level of food choice and safety while simplifying the process and building trust.

Optimise your nutritional care by creating personalised meal plans for your residents based on their individual needs and preferences.


As well as our core Recipe & Menu Management solution, we also offer Meal Planning, Person Centered Meal Ordering and Stock & Ordering solutions that can help save time within care environments.

Recipe & Menu Management

Our core solution that handles your compliance and consistency, recipe building, costings, allergens, nutrition and even labelling all from within the same system.

Person Centered Meal Ordering

Intelligent person centered meal ordering saves time and streamlines dining processes for hospitals and care homes.

Meal Planning

Create meal plan cycles based on required nutritional targets and costs.

Stock & Ordering

Monitor stock, order from suppliers, keep track of price changes and record waste all from one dashboard.


Since the start of the pandemic, over 90 care homes have joined Kafoodle, and by digitising their standard pen-and-paper system we have helped them reclaim precious minutes throughout the day.


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