The tools to meet the nutritional needs of your patients and residents

Optimise your nutritional care by creating meal plans for your residents based on their needs and food preferences.

Managing the dietary requirements of individuals within the care sector is a challenge. Healthcare services can benefit from tools that simplify the process, allowing them to create suitable meal plans to cater for all the needs and requirements of patients or residents; easily communicate those tailored plans across departments or to the individual and their family, and track their costs to stay within budget.

Some of our healthcare clients

Record and refer to patient/resident dietary requirements inc. allergens, intolerances and medical conditions.

Minimise allergen risk, meet food compliance requirements and Natasha’s Law.

Track meals from order to delivery, and record and monitor patient/resident food and drink.

Food as medicine

Using Kafoodle, we are able to get complete transparency of the nutritional quality of care home meals. This enables us to check these meals are consistently meeting the nutrition standards for the care home residents.

Before we were blind to what nutrition was being offered and consumed by the residents. Now we can safeguard the nutritional quality and safety, the food and fluid consistencies, allergens and nutritional content of the meals.

This will help us to ensure that residents get the best quality of care to optimise their quality of life.

Tony Ward
NHS Dietitian for Salford Royal Foundation Trust

Our solutions for health & care sector

Stock & Ordering

Monitor stock, order from suppliers, keep track of price changes and record waste all from one dashboard.

Recipe & Menu Management

Our core solution that handles your compliance and consistency, recipe building, costings, allergens, nutrition and even labelling all from within the same system.

Person Centered Meal Ordering

Intelligent person centered meal ordering saves time and streamlines dining processes for hospitals and care homes.

Meal Planning

Create meal plan cycles based on required nutritional targets and costs.

Digital Menus

Interactive digital menus allowing customer filtering for allergens, dietary requirements and nutrition, can also include pre-order and pay.

Kafoodle in a health and care environment

  • Red, Amber, Green suitability alerts.
  • Record and refer to patient/resident dietary requirements including allergens, intolerances and medical conditions.
  • Capture data and feedback for menu development.
  • Filter available dishes by dietary tags such as ‘low-fat’, ‘renal suitable’ ‘MAOI’ etc.
  • Pictorial representations of dishes to aid diners with their meal choices.
  • Detailed dish descriptions including allergens, nutrition and tasting profiles.
  • The ability to save dietitian recommendations and suggestions.

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To find out more about how Kafoodle works in a hospital or care home environment please contact us for a full demonstration and we will show you how you can connect your kitchen to your patients and residents.

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