Does your restaurant need an App?

27th December 2017

Smartphones and tablets are now commonplace making mobile devices the most crucial intermediaries between consumers and your brand. 29% of the population have used an App on their mobile to pay for or order food and drink with this figure expected to rise significantly in the coming year.

Embracing technology could be the answer to increasing your customer engagement with consumers increasingly looking to technology for convenience, with 28% using tech to make a booking and 41% to receive specially targeted offers.

In 2017 there has been a 400% increase in the number of UK hospitality brands developing their own apps according to CGA’s GO-Technology report (December 2017).

By opting for their own App rather than utilising third-party providers F&B operators can enhance and control their customer experience by personalising their application with features such as loyalty, personalised marketing/rewards, payments, ordering etc.

“82% of the 5,000 GB adults surveyed are more likely to use a restaurant’s own app as opposed to a third-party provider” – CGA

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Developing your own branded app can have a significant impact on the trust placed in your brand by consumers.

“This [Trust] can only be achieved if operators have total control over their app and don’t outsource to a third party, who can use valuable customer data to meet their own business ambitions” – CGA

As the technology revolution continues it is increasingly clear that mobile apps are influencing a diners selection of restaurant, with 57% of those surveyed by Hospitality Technology choosing an establishment with a feature-rich mobile app over one without. (Hospitality Technology)

When technology is properly harnessed it can substantially improve a diner’s experience. Providing them with transparency, bespoke offers and speeding up service whilst increasing your brand trust and loyalty.

A 2017 Restaurant Technology study found that more than half (53%) of restaurants are planning to add, upgrade or change mobile apps in 2017.

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