Millennials, Leading the Way and Demanding More

26th June 2017

According to a new report from PwC, a trend for healthy eating is on the rise with Millennials leading the way. Millennial Health food Trend Healthy Living

The PwC report has found that 47% of 18-34-year-olds, that they surveyed, have changed their eating habits in favour of a healthier diet compared to only 23% of those aged over 55.

And the trend doesn’t seem likely to subside, with the report also suggesting that 53% of 18-34-year-olds intend to change their eating habits in the following year.

The healthy eating enthusiasm channeled by millennials is accredited to the increasing media coverage of a ‘healthy lifestyle’ across social media platforms, including those such as YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In line with this data, the Waitrose Annual Food and Drink Report listed sales of coconut products and seaweed as on the rise. With sales of grain bags reported to be six times higher than predicted when launched earlier in the year.

The changing diets of millennials are not just an important factor for supermarkets to consider but are also vital for the restaurant industry, as consumers are beginning to expect the option of a lighter choice alongside regular menu options.

Commenting on the PwC report, Eleanor Scott, Director at PwC said:

“Most people want to mix and match, balancing healthy eating with the occasional indulgence”

“Consumers are more likely to have healthy meals out during the week, driven by these being more everyday eating out occasions, and are more likely to treat themselves at weekends.

“In terms of eating out 47% of all consumers consider it important that a restaurant offers healthy options with many restaurants addressing this trend by adding a healthier alternative to their menus, for example, a thin crust pizza or bunless burger”

In order to reach out to consumers, the food industry needs to show that it is listening to their changing preferences. Here at Kafoodle, we’re committed to providing food transparency and creating safer, out-of-home eating experiences, helping to re-establish the trust between restaurateurs and their clientele by allowing people to #eatwithconfidence.

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