Are you thinking about reopening soon or are you open already?

1st June 2020

It’s the 1st June and we are starting to see the gradual lifting of restrictions and the reopening of schools and businesses. It’s a very welcome sight I think we’d all agree.

We have seen many of our clients start to reopen whether it be schools, takeaways, pubs, and we have clients who never closed such as care homes and hospitals. All are looking at the ways in which technology can help them operate within the new normal.

How will you be preparing to reopen?

We have pulled together several resources on our website to assist you with getting your business back up and reopen in the next few weeks, including a reopening checklist and free allergen and labelling courses. Click here for resources.

Now, more than ever, Tech will play a vital role in streamlining food business operations and safeguarding your staff and customers. That is why we are also running a webinar this Friday aimed at helping those wanting to explore how they can use technology to support their reopening.

Friday 5th June – 10am – 11am

register for webinar

We’d love to not only know what technology you are looking at but also to make sure that you are aware of all the ways Kafoodle is helping food businesses not only adapt but thrive.

If you would like to know how Kafoodle can help, please join us on our webinar by registering here.


<p>Food Allergy Awareness<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Food Allergy Awareness
Winner | 2015

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Product Excellence Award
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Great British Entrepreneur Awards
Silver Winner | 2015