Recipe & Menu Management our complete end-to-end kitchen management solution

Our core recipe and menu management software provides commercial kitchens with the digital tools to manage their ingredients and recipes, track food allergens, calculate nutrition, create dietary tags, produce recipe spec sheets, record HACCP and produce compliant food labels.

Build recipes from the ground up and let Kafoodle keep track of allergens, nutrition and more

Create a seamless connection between your kitchen and front of house, allowing your team and diners to search based on individual dietary requirements. Our cloud-based software allows for accurate menu information to always be available to your entire team, with updates in real-time.

Create consistency | Save time and money | Connect to your customers | Stay compliant

Allow customers to filter your menus based on the individual requirements

Kafoodle provides a personalised experience for customers, allowing them to filter to their specific needs and requirements.

Dietary tags can also be used for filtering, ie. vegan, vegetarian, low fat, low salt etc.

Print compliant labels with ingredient and nutritional data

With Kafoodle, in just a few clicks you can create fully compliant and bespoke ingredient, allergen and nutrition labels for your pre-packed direct for sale food.

From October 2021 millions of allergy sufferers across the country will be better protected by ‘Natasha’s Law’, requiring food businesses to include full ingredients labelling on pre-packed food produced on the premises. Our labels can also display full nutritional breakdown and traffic-light data.

Create Natasha’s Law compliant food labels with Kafoodle

  • Control the look and feel of your labels using our powerful customisable options.
  • Create compliant labels for any of your Kafoodle recipes.
  • See at a glance which labels are compliant with current Front-of-pack and Back-of-pack legislation and upcoming Natasha’s Law legislation.
  • Once you’ve created your ideal layout, save the template for future use.
  • Various label sizes and shape options.
  • ON/OFF toggle for features such as nutrition, price, servings and weight.
  • Print your final labels directly from the software on your own printer.

Nacho Cheese uses Kafoodle to bring together all our recipes and allergens in one place helping to keep our business ‘tidy and organised’. Kafoodle has answers to our basic daily requirements at the touch of a button.

Lorraine Priestley

Nacho Cheese (Voted best takeaway in Britain 2019)

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  • Take control of your recipes, allergens, dietary requirements and costs.
  • Quick to set-up with our dedicated UK service team.
  • Get ready for Natasha’s Law with full ingredient and labelling compliance.
  • Protect your business with a full audit trail of all activities.
  • Create consistency | Save time and money | Connect to your customers | Stay compliant