Intelligent meal ordering for patients and residents in health & care

Optimise your nutritional care by creating personalised meal plans for your residents and patients based on their individual needs and preferences.

Person Centered Meal Ordering

Our person centered meal ordering solution ensures a seamless meal ordering process from patient or resident by digitising and streamlining the ordering and production processes.

Personalising menus by individual need at the point of order, automatically aggregating orders and reducing waste in the kitchen.

See at a glance the status of your patient or residents meal orders

Managing the dietary requirements of individuals within the health and care sector can be a challenge.

Kafoodle helps simplify this process, allowing them to create suitable meal plans that cater for all the needs and requirements of their patients or residents; easily communicate those tailored plans across departments or to the individual and their family, and track their costs to stay within budget.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Kafoodle as their flexible, people-based approach was exactly what OCS needed to implement allergen management. OCS now have the ability to clearly identify allergens, nutritional values and costs across our catering business, whilst not losing the local menu development that is key to our success.”
Paul Cowie, Global Head of Catering, OCS Group UK

Bin the paperwork!

Replacing hard copy recipes and meal plans with digital, interactive versions brings huge benefits to hospital operations, including:


  • Reduce the risk to residents of choking or malnutrition through being given meals that are not appropriate to their individual needs (e.g. dementia / dysphagia, diabetic, allergic).
  • Consistency of meals and nutrition.
  • Staff training – Chefs have access to the nutrition and allergen information of recipes at the touch of a button.
  • Provide a better experience and food offering to patients and residents.
  • Forecasting and planning.
  • Supplier and product catalogue management.
  • Cost / budget control.

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  • Replacing hard copy recipes and meal plans with digital, interactive versions brings huge benefits.
  • Save up to 45 mins per meal service.
  • Easy-to-use interface for all levels of IT knowledge.