Kafoodle partners with Liquid Chefs at the WEF 22

26 May 2022
Davos, Switzerland, held the annual World Economic Forum meeting this week. Political, business, cultural and other leaders of society came together to help create and improve global, regional and industry agendas.

This year, in partnership with Liquid Chefs, Kafoodle was part of this fantastic annual event. World leaders discussed and debated new ways to improve the world and ultimately keep us all safe. Liquid Chefs decided to use Kafoodle to keep all those eating at the WEF 22 safe with our allergen and nutrition features.

Edward Felsenthal, Editor-in-Chief and Chief Executive Officer, TIME, USA

A Liquid Chefs spokesperson said:

“We chose to use Kafoodle to power our nutrition and allergen information as it’s an easy to use software with values we support. Their emphasis on sustainability and being a carbon-neutral company perfectly aligned with what we at Liquid Chefs were wanting to bring to our events and offering.”

Everyone at Kafoodle was thrilled to be a part of the World Economic Forum. Especially being chosen for the values and mission that embody the culture at Kafoodle. Kafoodle Co-Founder Tarryn Gorre quoted:

“It is great to be working with Liquid Chefs on the World Economic Forum. Their work in creating transparency around supplier and ingredient information is outstanding. We at Kafoodle always enjoy working with like-minded innovative companies like the team at Liquid Chefs and look forward to supporting them on other projects.”

Kafoodle supports and partners with organisations responsible for catering for events of all sizes. As an easy to use, set-up and integrate food tech solution dedicated to keeping people safe and making people aware of the effects food can have on the earth and everyone on it. It’s truly an honour to be part of an event and partner with companies that share the same vision.