Manage your foodservice catering with ease

From business and industry, to movie production, event catering, holiday parks, dark kitchens and transport.

If you cater for events, providing bespoke menus for a range of client requirements, Kafoodle can help you manage your costs and communication.

To deliver the best event experience and ensure guests feel confident dining at your venues, you must manage all special dietary requirements. Use Kafoodle to enhance communication between venues, event staff and guests, and make a profit from each event.

Some of our foodservice clients

Digitise your recipes and remove paper processes, saving time and money.

Minimise allergen risk, meet food compliance requirements and Natasha’s Law.

Push menus in real-time directly to your customers with digital Interactive Menus.

Kafoodle in the movies!

Technically Kafoodle isn’t in the movies, but we are working with a number of film and TV caterers and production companies. Our technology is currently keeping everyone fed, from the production team to the A-list actors on several major productions.

Keeping the cast and crew happy and fed is an important part of any successful film or TV production. Kafoodle has the tools for you to do it safely and seamlessly.

Digitise your catering and allow for contactless pre-ordering for everyone on set. Even for the most demanding stars.

Our solutions for contract catering

Stock & Ordering

Monitor stock, order from suppliers, keep track of price changes and record waste, all from one dashboard.

Recipe & Menu Management

Our core solution that handles your compliance and consistency, recipe building, costings, allergens, nutrition and even labelling all from within the same system.

Digital Menus

Interactive digital menus allowing customer filtering for allergens, dietary requirements and nutrition, can also include pre-order and pay.

Meal Planning

Create meal plan cycles based on required nutritional targets and costs.

The benefits of being with Kafoodle

  • All suppliers, ingredients, recipes and menus in one place.
  • Allergen, dietary tagging and nutrition by 100g.
  • Live recipe analysis by cost, GP%, selling price.
  • Full ingredient and labelling compliance in line with Natasha’s Law.
  • Print compliant labels with mandatory allergen and calorie information for pre-packaged food.
  • Protect your business with a full audit trail of ALL activities.
  • HACCP activity history included.
  • Seamlessly push recipes through to customer-facing interactive menus in real-time.
  • Allow your customers to filter menus by allergen, dietary and nutritional preferences.
  • Complete the process with integrated Order & Pay functionality.
  • Easy onboarding, system administration and UK based service team.

Request demo

To find out more about how Kafoodle works for contract caterers please contact us for a full demonstration and we will show you how you can connect your kitchen to your customers.