Kafoodle Chef

Introducing Kafoodle Chef

Kafoodle Chef bridges the gap between education and professional practice by providing culinary students and professional chefs with access to our recipe and menu management software.

Through Kafoodle, chefs will be able to add all of their recipes onto our digital platform using our easy recipe builder. Using data from national suppliers, Kafoodle Chef’s powerful software then calculates all of the foods nutiritonal and allergen information, as well as costing and recommended retail price. Your recipes will be stored on the cloud in your personal, secure, digital library that can be intuitively searched and filtered at the touch of a button.

Simple. But powerful!

Kafoodle Chef’s recipe management is the perfect tool for aspiring professional chefs as they learn to navigate the increasingly high-tech food sector during their culinary studies and beyond.

Our award-winning technology allows chefs to safely store and digitise all of their recipes – where videos and pictures can be easily added, and nutritional values calculated – freeing you up to create gourmet masterpieces without all of the hassle!

How Does it Work?

1. Sign Up

Follow the sign up links to gain access to Kafoodle Chef. It’s quick and easy! Before you do, please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions.

2. Load Your Recipes

Our easy-to-use recipe builder uses Kafoodle ingredents to provide sample costs, accurate nutritional and sample allergen information for all ingredients used.

3. Let Kafoodle do the Rest!

Once loaded onto Kafoodle, you will be able to search your entire recipe bank by protein, calories, sugar – or anything you can think of – at the touch of a button.

How Does it Make my Life Easier?

What do the experts think?

We as chefs have to become more responsible for what we are feeding our customers.

Aldo Zilli

Celebrity Chef

An increased demand from clients to create a healthier workforce can become complicated. We felt that Kafoodle fitted the bill exactly when it came to providing training and open information in a user-friendly way

Kevin Harrison

Compliance Director

Kafoodle made complete sense and was a simple decision for me. The recipe building and allergen elements were important but the hidden gems of HACCPs and costing really sold it. Being able to improve our financials through Kafoodle was key.

Spencer Wilson

Group Executive Chef


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  • Create digital recipes on the cloud to access anywhere, anytime
  • Have full nutritional and allergen information automatically generated for each recipe
  • Choose from national supplier lists with up-to-date pricing
  • Get your recipes automatically costed and work out your profit margins
  • Migrate to the full Kafoodle Package seamlessly after graduation