Carbon Labelling

Carbon labelling solutions for the food industry. Auto-calculate a recipes carbon footprint per serving and add it to your food labels.

carbon labels for food


Carbon Footprint Labelling

Carbon labelling is also known as carbon footprint labelling. It’s when you add details to the label of a product that displays its carbon footprint.
Carbon labelling involves measuring the greenhouse gas emissions associated with a product’s life cycle. Then applying that measurement to the product’s packaging or label. The product life cycle includes the production, packaging and distribution.
Carbon labelling encourages consumers to choose products with lower environmental impact.




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Carbon labelling

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  • How greenhouse gases and carbon emissions affect climate change
  • Understand how the food industry is negatively impacting the environment
  • Discover the consumer demand for carbon footprint labelling
  • Ways to decrease a business’s or product’s carbon footprint
  • Tech available to help businesses calculate their carbon footprint.

Find out cost of your recipes

to you and the environment

Kafoodle now not only helps users with cost calculations and recipe profit calculators. The recipe management feature will calculate the carbon footprint.
The carbon labelling feature will provide:
  • Carbon rating A – E
  • Emissions per serving in kgCO2e
  • Emissions total in kgCO2e

For businesses that want to create great food,

that doesn’t cost the earth.