All-day-dining – What is it and how can it help your business?

18 October 2017

All day dining has been labelled ‘the future of foodservice’ but what does the term actually mean?

In short, all-day-dining is exactly what it implies, offering consumers a choice of dishes from breakfast through to brunch, lunch and dinner. Moving away from the more formal lunch and dinner service and towards a more casual all-day approach.


How could all-day-dining help boost your business?

A White Paper from Bidfood revealed that one in three Brits has chosen to eat out at breakfast, mid-morning or mid-afternoon. With 35% of participants now eating out for breakfast more frequently than they did two years ago.

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Bidfood insights manager Lucy Pedrick said: ‘The consumer megatrends of convenience, quality and availability have given rise to two of the most talked about, yet not fully understood, terms in the industry – casual and all-day dining. Both exemplify how the market is not standing still and how an understanding of consumer habit is vital in succeeding in the market.’

Additionally, with fewer people required to spend their days inside an office and many using restaurants and cafes as meeting and workspaces, the food service industry is having to listen and adapt to changing consumer preferences.

Camille Becerra, chef at De Maria agrees, commenting that In order to stay relevant and keep guests coming back, you have to be able to provide a diverse range of experiences.

The Ivy Cafe, general manager Thasanee Robinson has also found catering to a need for ‘flexibility’ to have been profitable; “Due to the public’s increasingly busy work and personal schedules we have noticed that customers are looking for an increased flexibility when it comes to service hours,” says Robinson. “The Ivy Café looks to support this growing need by offering an all-day menu, allowing guests to enjoy everything from breakfast and elevenses to afternoon snacks, cream tea and dinner.”

With the breakfast and brunch trade clearly bringing in the bacon it could be time for you to evaluate your offering.

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