The Piano Works Case Study

The Piano Works is the only non-stop live music event venue that you can find in London. With a 400 guest capacity, late night opening and live music, which the audience request, The Piano Works describe themselves as ‘part party, part bar, part restaurant, part club, part concert’. They offer a brunch menu, a steak menu, bar food and a ‘classically strange’ drinks menu. The Piano Works became our partner in 2016.


Paul Casey is the Head Chef there and Tristan Moffat is Operations Director.

Kafoodle is good for the due diligence that you need to show; the information is at the customer's’ fingertips; and I think it’s very user friendly.

Tristan Moffat Operations Director, The Piano Works


Following the change in law, The Piano Works needed to reconsider how they could deliver their allergen information effectively to staff and diners, and in a way that actively involved the customers making informed choices about the food they would eat, without interrupting the delivery of a smooth service.

While The Piano Works had allergen information displayed online, they didn’t feel this was obvious enough, and wanted to be sure diners could actively check for themselves, before, during and even after their meal should they wish. They also recognised the increasing trend of diners requesting more information about the food they were eating, particularly when visible solutions were not available.

‘On average, over the course of the week, if you didn’t have this solution available, there would be about 30-40% of customers asking about dietary requirements. I’ve been a chef 15 years and I’ve seen allergen and dietary requirements change dramatically over that time. Even five years ago it wasn’t as noticeable’. [Paul Casey]


Kafoodle provided the perfect solution for The Piano Works as the App could be used as a customer facing tool. The customer could have the information readily available while The Piano Works could take comfort in the fact that they were presenting this information in a compliant and comprehensive way.

‘[Choosing Kafoodle] was about making it more accessible and easier for the customers, because we could have displayed it, but it was more in the hands of the customers to check.  We offered them the app so they could check what they could and couldn’t have.’ [Paul Casey, Head Chef at The Piano Works]

‘Everyone is on their phones nowadays, so it’s good to bring the information to their screen. If you look at the drinks menu there’s a section, ‘Technology’, where we have the Kafoodle QR code and some of our other solutions. It’s just modern.’ [Tristan Moffat, Operations Director]



Once Kafoodle was installed, The Piano Works’ challenges began to be addressed, with nutritional and allergen information made easily accessible for both staff and diners. However, once the team started using the software they realised it was so much more than that, helping Front of House staff stay informed and supporting the Head Chef in his recipe creation and menu management tasks.

‘If you go to my kitchen now you’ll see it up on my wall, so if any waiters or staff aren’t sure, they can also have a look at the spreadsheet.’ [Paul Casey]

Once the system was established, The Piano Works enjoyed the ‘straightforward’ means of organising key information and the range of functionality.

‘It’s very easy to use, you wouldn’t get lost like with some more archaic systems I’ve had to handle. I was even able to give [the Kafoodle tech team] my database of nutritional values and prices, and [they] helped me filter all the information as well which helped a lot.’ [Paul Casey]

‘It’s a very good solution in terms of providing information on nutrition, allergens, etc, to people. Everybody is looking for a solution that means they don’t need to have twenty different solutions, so simplicity is the key… And that was Paul’s major positive feedback on the system when it launched, that it was very user friendly.’ [Tristan Moffat]

The Piano Works established an approach where the Head Chef is responsible for the input and creation of the dish profiles, then ‘publishes’ this information to the other team members, as they felt less users able to edit information meant a decreased risk of inaccuracies.

‘Paul is the guardian of the gate. I have access but for cleanliness and presentation, Paul does most of the work and the end product that Kafoodle delivers is what we present to our teams or what we have going out to our customers.’ [Tristan Moffat]  

The Result

The response from The Piano Works has been extremely positive, with encouraging results so far. Using Kafoodle has meant the Piano Works can present 100% accurate nutritional and allergen information to their diners when they need it, providing a huge level of reassurance for those with specific dietary requirements in the easiest way possible.

‘Kafoodle is good for the due diligence that you need to show; the information is at the customers’ fingertips; I think it’s very user-friendly. With very reasonable pricing.’ [Tristan Moffat]


<p>Future Food Awards - Food Tech Innovation<br />
Finalist | 2019</p>

Future Food Awards - Food Tech Innovation
Finalist | 2019

<p>Healthcare Estates - Product Innovation<br />
Winner | 2018</p>

Healthcare Estates - Product Innovation
Winner | 2018

<p>The Foodservice Cateys - Supplier Excellence Award<br />
Finalist | 2018</p>

The Foodservice Cateys - Supplier Excellence Award
Finalist | 2018

<p>UK Cloud Awards - Best Public Sector Project<br />
Winner | 2018</p>

UK Cloud Awards - Best Public Sector Project
Winner | 2018

<p>Extreme Tech Challenge - Healthcare IT<br />
Winner | 2018</p>

Extreme Tech Challenge - Healthcare IT
Winner | 2018

<p>CIS Excellence Business Innovation Award<br />
Winner | 2017 </p>

CIS Excellence Business Innovation Award
Winner | 2017

<p>Product Excellence Award<br />
Winner | 2016</p>

Product Excellence Award
Winner | 2016

<p>Food Allergy Awareness<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Food Allergy Awareness
Winner | 2015

<p>Great British Entrepreneur Awards Silver<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Great British Entrepreneur Awards Silver
Winner | 2015