Whether you are a restaurant, pub, bar or cafe, Kafoodle's software can control your costs, improve your profit and attract new customers.

Connecting your commercial kitchen to your diners

For food businesses nowadays, it’s no longer enough to just create great food; to stand out from the crowd, you must demonstrate that you are catering for an increasingly health-aware and discerning consumer

Increase your footfall

40% of UK adults consume meals outside the home at least once a week, and 42% use tech when doing so

Improve customer experience

85% of UK diners view a restaurant’s menu on their website before dining somewhere for the first time

Stay allergy compliant

40% of the UK population consider an allergy or intolerance before deciding what to eat, and that’s not to mention special diets

UK diners could spend £54.7 billion on eating out in 2017, making 11.5 billion visits
to restaurant, pubs, and other out-of-home food companies

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See what we can do for your business and clients below

For your business

  • Digitise paper-based processes for greater consistency, accuracy, and accessibility
  • Head Office controls with the ability to set up hierarchies for users, designed to aid the running of your busy kitchen
  • Centralised recipe bank: create dishes and menus centrally and share across multiple sites or manage at individual site level
  • Produce digital recipe cards and training manuals for your teams, accurately reporting on all allergens and nutrition
  • GP reporting at dish and menu level with accurate management of yields, wastage and recipe scaling
  • Manage general kitchen and dish level HACCP
  • Support your compliance with a full audit trail
  • Intelligent reporting to create smarter, safer, more profitable menus based on what people want to eat
  • Demonstrate compliance and instil trust in your customers; use back of house administration to deliver front end marketing
  • Expose your business to previously untargeted customers and maximise your potential to be chosen by diners with specific dietary requirements
  • Agile for the ever-progressing food information and compliance landscape
  • Integration to existing ordering and EPoS systems
  • Create compliant food labels for pre-packed food and takeaways

For your customers

  • End-to-end system allows for accurate menu information to be available to the entire team from kitchen to front of house and diners
  • Front of house can access menus and confidently communicate details to diners during service without contacting the busy kitchen
  • Provide your chef and team with a software that is intuitive, straightforward, and created by the industry
  • Allow your bar and waiting staff easy access to information that will allow them to up-sell and feel confident during service: ‘Knowledge is Power’
  • Streamline your team’s time and processes and accomplish more in your day: by automating allergens and instructions as well as copy and pasting recipes, you can reduce the administration time considerably
  • Have transparency between departments so that informed decisions can be made
  • Communicate with diners beforehand to accurately record their dietary requirements, improving customer service
  • Filterable menus online and via mobile Apps allow customers to search for food in line with dietary preferences
  • Discreet, reliable, and removes the stigma surrounding people on special diets or suffering from intolerances
  • Allow your customers to eat with confidence in your establishment(s) and become their preference

Discovering Kafoodle was like finding that missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle. I have now successfully rolled out the software in five restaurants, and the feedback I have received from both our managers and chefs has been extremely positive and all agree this is an excellent tool to have within the business.

Spencer Wilson Executive Group Chef, Vittoria Group

Kafoodle is good for the due diligence that you need to show; the information is at the customers’ fingertips; and I think it’s very user-friendly, with very reasonable pricing.

Tristan Moffat Operations Director, The Piano Works

With Kafoodle we can be sure that the allergen information we give to both our staff and our customers is 100% accurate, and it streamlines what in the past was a time consuming process for our busy chefs.

Georgina Laing HR Director, Salt Yard Group

We chose Kafoodle for various reasons; the efficient and easy way it shows up allergens as well as the recipe bank were two vital points for us as a business. The transparency it provides us with when designing recipes and menus is second to none.

Lee Curtis Owner, The Bowler, Brakspear Pubs

Kafoodle made complete sense. It was a simple decision for me. The recipe building and allergen elements were important but the hidden gems of HACCPs and costing really sold it. Being able to improve our financials through Kafoodle was key.

Spencer Wilson Executive Group Chef, Vittoria Group


<p>UK Cloud Awards - Best Public Sector Project<br />
Winner | 2018</p>

UK Cloud Awards - Best Public Sector Project
Winner | 2018

<p>Extreme Tech Challenge - Healthcare IT<br />
Winner | 2018</p>

Extreme Tech Challenge - Healthcare IT
Winner | 2018

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Winner | 2017 </p>

CIS Excellence Business Innovation Award
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Product Excellence Award
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Food Allergy Awareness
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Great British Entrepreneur Awards Silver
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