Do you provide food for pupils in primary, secondary, higher and further education? See how Kafoodle can help control budgets, manage allergen compliance and create a safer eating environment providing balanced and nutritious meals.

Feeding students from nursery to university

Commercial kitchens in educational establishments need tools that make their obligations safer and easier, such as creating and managing multiple menus; communicating accurate allergen information to students, their parents and guardians; and delivering consistency and efficiency across sites.

Create nutritious menus

51% of primary school children don’t hit their five portions of fruit and veg a day

Stay allergy compliant

5-8% of children have a proven food allergy, with hospitalisations due to allergic reactions increasing by 700% since 1990

Manage communications

Communicate menu information efficiently and effectively with pupils, parents and guardians

Remove the stigma surrounding students with allergies and special diets and encourage a feeling of safety, control and ownership



See what we can do for your establishment and students below

For your establishment

  • User-friendly and intuitive cloud-based system accessible from anywhere
  • Permission-based user hierarchy designed to aid the management of and connection to different venues
  • Centralised recipe bank: create dishes and menus centrally and share them across multiple sites or manage at individual site level
  • Stay safe and compliant: accurate allergens highlighted at recipe build stage, including ‘may contains’
  • Promote healthier eating: calculate nutrition on per serving or per 100g basis
  • Ingredients repository with ordering functionality
  • GP reporting at dish and menu level
  • Accurate management of yields, wastage and recipe scaling, as well as HACCP
  • Tools to create compliant labels for pre-packed food
  • Support your compliance with a full audit trail
  • Intelligent reporting allowing you to develop smarter, safer, more profitable menus based on what students want
  • Agile for the ever-progressing food information and compliance landscape

For your students

  • Communicate accurate menu information to students, parents and guardians through interactive mobile Apps and browser-based interfaces
  • Filterable menus on fixed tablets at ‘point of sale’ allow students to search for food that is safe and in line with their dietary preferences
  • Tools to engage students with features like favourites, reviews, polls and surveys assure them that they have a voice, while providing menu development teams with valuable intel
  • Integration with existing ordering and pre-pay tools making it easy to use
  • Discreet and reliable, allowing students to eat well and take control
  • Direct dialogue with students, parents and guardians around allergens and special diets means greater levels of transparency and safety
  • Students have the confidence to enjoy food without having to worry or risk their life
  • Increase students’ knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy and make informed decisions

We chose Kafoodle for the peace of mind it gives us; with Kafoodle, we can be sure that the allergen information we give to both our staff and our customers is 100% accurate.

Georgina Laing HR Director, Salt Yard Group

We chose Kafoodle for various reasons; the efficient and easy way it shows up allergens as well as the recipe bank were two vital points for us as a business. The transparency it provides us with when designing recipes and menus is second to none.

Lee Curtis Owner, The Bowler, Brakspear Pubs


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UK Cloud Awards - Best Public Sector Project
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Extreme Tech Challenge - Healthcare IT
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