Manage your menus, control your costs, increase profits and stay compliant. Combined with our communication tools you can empower your staff and give consumers the confidence to search for and enjoy the food they love.

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Whether you are a restaurant, pub, bar or café, read more on how Kafoodle's software can control your costs, improve your profit and attract new customers.
Do you cater for events far and wide, providing bespoke menus for a range of client requirements, from weddings to conferences? See how Kafoodle can help you manage your costs and communication.
Managing multi-site workplace catering doesn’t need to be tricky with Kafoodle’s software, read on to find out how Kafoodle can enhance your profits, sales and communication.
Do you provide food for pupils in primary, secondary, higher and further education? See how Kafoodle can help control budgets, manage allergen compliance and create a safer eating environment providing balanced and nutritious meals.
Managing the dietary requirements of individuals within the social care sector can be hard work. Read more on how Kafoodle's innovative technology can simplify this process, manage budgets and help ensure compliance.
Whether you run a shop or have an online ordering service see how Kafoodle’s software allows your customers to search your offerings based on their own personal requirements.

Kafoodle Lite

From as little as £5 per month digitise your allergens with Kafoodle’s simple software. Throw away the paperwork and allow your front of house team and customers to search menus based on their individual requirements and allergens

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Kafoodle is the best catering and menu-planning software I have used... Kafoodle offers all the features you need to simplify your busy workday. It's a powerful program that increases productivity, prevents costly mistakes and saves valuable time and money, all whilst remaining incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Its improved our operation massively and financially we are reaping the rewards.

Chris Cannarile Food and Beverage Operations Manager, Laine Pub Company

Discovering Kafoodle was like finding that missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle. I have now successfully rolled out the software in five restaurants, and the feedback I have received from both our managers and chefs has been extremely positive, and all agree this is an excellent tool to have within the business.

Spencer Wilson Executive Group Chef, Vittoria Group

We chose Kafoodle because of its knowledgeable team and premium product. Both elements have proved to have the depth and diversity to enable success for both us and our clients.

Kevin Harrison Compliance Director, Harbour and Jones

Although most brands recognise labelling needs to be correct, relevant and compliant, they need a practical and convenient tool to achieve those aims. Kafoodle's latest feature is a time saving and comprehensive solution for brands who want to be compliant.

Ashanti Bentil-Dhue Female Foodpreneur Collective

With Kafoodle we can be sure that the allergen information we give to both our staff and our customers is 100% accurate, and it streamlines what in the past was a time consuming process for our busy chefs.

Georgina Laing HR Director, Salt Yard Group

While I’m costing my dish I need something that highlights allergens instantly. Kafoodle makes it simple; it automatically shows the allergens and then the system links up to front of house, so staff can look up the dishes through a tablet while they're on the floor. Then that’s my job done.

Adrian Martin Executive Chef, Home House

Kafoodle frees up food outlets to focus on the real task at hand, which is to offer exemplary food, ambience and customer service.

Ufi Ibrahim British Hospitality Association


<p>Extreme Tech Challenge - Healthcare IT<br />
Winner | 2018</p>

Extreme Tech Challenge - Healthcare IT
Winner | 2018

<p>CIS Excellence Business Innovation Award<br />
Winner | 2017 </p>

CIS Excellence Business Innovation Award
Winner | 2017

<p>Product Excellence Award<br />
Winner | 2016</p>

Product Excellence Award
Winner | 2016

<p>Food Allergy Awareness<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Food Allergy Awareness
Winner | 2015

<p>Great British Entrepreneur Awards Silver<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Great British Entrepreneur Awards Silver
Winner | 2015