Food for Thought: Kafoodle Kare appears on HealthInvestor UK

12th April 2017

Kafoodle Co-Founder, Tarryn Gorre was recently featured in an interview on HeathInvestor UK, discussing the plans for Kafoodle’s newest branch, Kare. This article, ‘Food for Thought’, gave a great introduction to this current project, explaining how Kare is “a software system for care organisations that brings together the medical details of residents with an organisation’s existing kitchen management system”.

HealthInvestor UK is an esteemed online organisation that offers invaluable information, including articles, interviews and advice, for anyone within the healthcare sector. ‘Food for Thought’ presents a detailed consideration of potential issues within health care catering, explaining how “a lot of carers don’t want the kitchen to know anything about the residents because it’s a breach of confidentiality”. This is a problematic approach that sees many kitchens operating under the mindset that “the residents will eat whatever they are given” as long as Government guidelines are met.

Tarryn explains how Kare can positively intervene with this situation; “essentially acting like an intermediary”. Furthermore, she continues, Kare’s software has the “analytical capability” that will “create savings rather than more work for chefs”, whilst allowing relatives to log into the system and access information about what their patient has been eating.

The article highlights the positive start that Kare has already made, with “four clients signed up” including “one home care agency, one county council for its special needs schools and two care home groups”. Even with such a promising outlook, Tarryn stresses how she is actively “looking for more people to get involved in the pilot” and explains how “anyone who signs up in June gets it free for six months and has a say in how we evolve it.”

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