Building Better Healthcare: The Future of Healthcare Technology

25th January 2017

Our co-founder, Tarryn Gorre, was recently featured in an interview with Building Better Healthcare (BBH)- a leading web and print resource for healthcare professionals.  The feature was titled ‘The Future of Healthcare Technology: 5 developments to look out for‘ and Tarryn gave a great overview of our newest Kafoodle Branch, Kafoodle Kare.

The feature explores the ‘new technology’ that is taking ‘modern medicine to whole new levels’, and Kafoodle Kare takes fourth place in the list, for making ‘hospitals more hospitable‘.

Tarryn explains how “The idea for Kafoodle Kare came from witnessing first-hand how poorly hospitals were catering to patients with specific dietary needs” and continues to assert how Kafoodle Kare will be able to cater for these patients, “checking to spot allergic and medical reactions” as well as nutrition.

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<p>Food Allergy Awareness<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Food Allergy Awareness
Winner | 2015

<p>Product Excellence Award<br />
Winner | 2016</p>

Product Excellence Award
Winner | 2016

<p>Great British Entrepreneur Awards<br />
Silver Winner | 2015</p>

Great British Entrepreneur Awards
Silver Winner | 2015