The Vittoria Group Case Study

The family run Vittoria Group dates back to 1970 when Alberto Crolla Sr opened the first restaurant, Vittoria, on Leith Walk in Edinburgh. After almost 50 years in business, the Crolla family continue to serve up a winning combination, so wherever you choose to dine you are assured of a friendly welcome, delicious Italian food and excellent service. Spencer joined the ranks of the Vittoria Group and was appointed as Group Executive Chef in Spring 2013 and since then has been discovering more about the diversity of Italian cuisine.



I would highly recommend Kafoodle to any size of business that wants to have confidence in providing the correct allergen and nutritional information to their customers, with the additional benefit of a stringent and consistent control on recipe and cost building.

Spencer Wilson Executive Group Chef, Vittoria Group


The Vittoria Group were looking for an easy way to meet the demands of their customers, who they’d noticed were increasingly asking about access to allergen information and nutritional data as well as an easy to use software.

“There’s a lot more awareness of people with allergies now. Previously they’d muddle through the menu and have to second guess what the allergens are within certain dishes, and as an Italian based business, we use a lot of gluten and dairy products, so we wanted to make this as clear as possible.”


Kafoodle was the complete solution to The Vittoria Group’s problems, providing the nutritional data that their customers sought in a user-friendly format.

“I’ve found other systems to be very clunky, hard to move around and difficult to get the nutritional information to work properly. We were just waiting for that new bit of software to come along and that software was Kafoodle.”

“What first appealed to me about Kafoodle was the clean appearance of the product; it looked easily manageable and inviting to use. Discovering Kafoodle was like finding that missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle… Kafoodle has not only created a system to enable us to provide accurate information regarding the increasing requests from our customers for varied allergen information but so much more.”


The Vittoria Group found that they could set up and utilise Kafoodle Kitchen quickly and easily. The cloud-based technology has been advantageous for the business, in terms of streamlining processes, cutting down on admin time, and helping in the kitchen.

“The time I’ve spent in setting up and adding our data and information into Kafoodle has been time well spent. Once this stage is completed, building recipes in the future and amending any other information becomes a much simpler process.  It’s great that I can amend a recipe and straight away, this is visible to everybody within our business with access to Kafoodle. On top of this, the versatility of being able to access Kafoodle on my tablet device means that I can check a recipe at any time instead of always having to carry and consult a recipe folder.”

As The Vittoria Group began exploring Kafoodle Kitchen, they realised that many of its other features were going to help them organise their busy restaurants at a new level too, especially when it comes to financial control.

“Kafoodle is much more than an allergen and nutritional information platform; with the costings feature, it’s become more of a one-stop shop. The software has enabled me to comprehensively record all of my recipes and provide accurate costing information. This has helped enormously with regard to financial control of my menus and centrally controlled recipes for my chefs, which, in a business of our size, has made a significant difference in having consistent food quality and food margins… My boss can log in and look at a recipe, see what’s in it and the cost/margin, so we are never in a situation where we wonder if we’re charging the right price for the dish.”

The Result

The food management software has now been installed in five of the Vittoria Group’s restaurants, receiving excellent feedback from both managers and chefs. They are just one of many happy clients, using Kafoodle Kitchen to revolutionise their processes and provide accurate allergen and nutritional information to their diners.

“Everyone involved agrees that this is an excellent tool to have within the business. We can use Kafoodle as a tool to train chefs while keeping our finance officer happy too. It really is the full package. I would highly recommend Kafoodle to any size of business that wants to have confidence in providing the correct allergen and nutritional information to their customers, with the additional benefit of a stringent and consistent control on recipe and cost building.” 


<p>Future Food Awards - Food Tech Innovation<br />
Finalist | 2019</p>

Future Food Awards - Food Tech Innovation
Finalist | 2019

<p>Healthcare Estates - Product Innovation<br />
Winner | 2018</p>

Healthcare Estates - Product Innovation
Winner | 2018

<p>The Foodservice Cateys - Supplier Excellence Award<br />
Finalist | 2018</p>

The Foodservice Cateys - Supplier Excellence Award
Finalist | 2018

<p>UK Cloud Awards - Best Public Sector Project<br />
Winner | 2018</p>

UK Cloud Awards - Best Public Sector Project
Winner | 2018

<p>Extreme Tech Challenge - Healthcare IT<br />
Winner | 2018</p>

Extreme Tech Challenge - Healthcare IT
Winner | 2018

<p>CIS Excellence Business Innovation Award<br />
Winner | 2017 </p>

CIS Excellence Business Innovation Award
Winner | 2017

<p>Product Excellence Award<br />
Winner | 2016</p>

Product Excellence Award
Winner | 2016

<p>Food Allergy Awareness<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Food Allergy Awareness
Winner | 2015

<p>Great British Entrepreneur Awards Silver<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Great British Entrepreneur Awards Silver
Winner | 2015