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Check out some of the features & benefits of introducing Kafoodle Kitchen into your business.

NEW: Labelling for food businesses

Kafoodle now has the ability for you to print food labels directly from your recipes in a compliant way. For a limited time this functionality will be included in our current monthly cost. If you need to or would like to label your food in line with current EU legislation we have the cost affordable solution your business needs.

Connect your kitchen to your front of house

Our easy to use front of house system allows all serving staff to easily access your database of recipes. This means that when diners ask for specific ingredients or food allergies, they can bring up the answer with a click of a button, allowing them to serve with confidence.

Easy ingredient management

All of your ingredients will be stored in your own unique database, allowing you to view all prices, suppliers, allergen and nutritional values in one dashboard. This helps you easily manage your SKUs and keep an eye on the ingredients you’re ordering.

Cost Calculator

Our Cost calculator enables you to easily manage and improve recipe GPs and also scope out financial viability of new recipe and menu ideas. We work with various EPOS suppliers to make sure you don’t have to do the work twice. Our recipe creation screen pulls through pricing data from your propriety ingredients list, automatically calculating the cost of every recipe you create. As well as this, it will suggest prices based on your pre-set GP, making it easy to see if you are in line or need to edit a recipe.

Easy Build Recipe Cards

Once your recipe is typed up, a recipe card is automatically generated where you can add and edit fields to make it the perfect instruction card for temporary or new chefs. You can hide or show information based on user access rights which makes this an easy and digital way to send recipes and train staff. Our intuitive software allows you to print legally compliant labels straight from your Kafoodle recipe cards.

List Your Business

Are you leading the way in food allergens and nutrition? Do you have all the processes in place? If so then why not list your business on our app to make sure you reap the rewards from being a compliant industry leader.

Just want to get your business listed?
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Business Administration

  • Want to ensure consistency and that everyone is working from the same hymn, or rather recipe, sheet? Then you need Kafoodle.

Menu Management

  • Easily create menus from current and archived recipes for different events and seasons.


  • We will automatically calculate the nutrition of your dishes, allowing you to easily highlight healthier options to the growing number of health aware diners.

Allergen management & compliance

  • Allergens are automatically assigned to ingredients and recipes, allowing you to clearly show information to any diners who ask via a datasheet or app. Our comprehensive audit trail will keeep you compliant and updated on any changes so you can have complete peace of mind.

Ingredients Manager

  • All ingredients are listed so you can easily see suppliers, recipes, prices and much more. You are easily able to change ingredients and suppliers and the system will update all recipes that an ingredient is used in.

Recipe Management

  • Kafoodle easily allows you to share, edit and create recipes across single and multiple sites. This means that you can have consistency, whilst still giving your chefs the freedom to create if needed. Our system allows you to create and archive as many recipes as you wish.



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Our basic package includes 1 site and 5 users.
Extras can be added once you choose your plan.

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Our Awards

<p>Food Allergy Awareness<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Food Allergy Awareness
Winner | 2015

<p>Product Excellence Award<br />
Winner | 2016</p>

Product Excellence Award
Winner | 2016

<p>Great British Entrepreneur Awards Gold Winner | 2014</p>

Great British Entrepreneur Awards Gold Winner | 2014