Free From Festival 2015

11th August 2015

Summer is here with plenty of summer events & festivals approaching, however its particularly hard time for anyone on a specific diet to find an event that caters for their dietary needs. Free From Festival will offer a chance to enjoy a festival, where intolerant visitors can sample food that is ‘free from’ gluten,dairy or sugar, but also tastes delicious.

After great success at their Christmas event last winter season, Free From Events has announced their first ever summer food festival a ‘free from’ Summer Food Fair, which will take place at the Old Truman’s Brewery, The Boiler House – a characteristic venue right off Brick Lane – on Bank Holiday Monday, the 31st of August from 10.30am until 6.30pm.

Free From Festival 2015

Small start-up business Free From Event’s mission is to organise events for people living their lives ‘free from’ either gluten, sugar or dairy. The number of people developing intolerance is rapidly growing, but most of those whose lives are affected are also unaware of the available alternative options: Free From Events aims to change this.

The festival hopes to improve the lives of people affected by their conditions by introducing them to London based ‘free from’ businesses, giving them the opportunity to sample delicious ‘free from’ products and to interact with experts from the relevant charities and support groups. The festival also aims to promote collaboration within the ‘free from’ foods industry by providing the perfect atmosphere for producers of ‘free from’ products to meet and interact.

We are lucky to have some great partners on board this year, such as Green’s Beers, producer of quality gluten-free beers is our Bar Sponsor and our Technology Partner, Kafoodle that has developed an incredible app that supplies intolerant diners with live menu information straight from the commercial kitchens.

This years exhibitors include;The Tiger Nuts Company, Rebel Kitchen’s dairy-free mylk drinks, Emily Fruits Crisps, Paradise Unbakery cakes & savoury tarts, Rebellions lactose-free Ice-creams, Bute Islands Foods dairy-free cheeses, Dee’s veggie sausages and many more.

Rebel Kitchen's dairy-free mylk drinks

There will also be live music from up-and-coming artists including Ilona who has just released her new EP and the single ‘Beautiful Country’, which she will perform at the event, followed by performances of other talented musicians.

Entry to the event is only £3.50 and those who would like to come should register their interest in advance at: or visit the festival’s official website for more info.Tickets are limited.

Free From Events invites the public to sample delicious ‘free from’ products presented by local producers at our indoor stalls, including ‘free from’ cakes, chocolates, snack bars, savoury snacks and many more. A bar will also be serving Green’s gluten-free beer range, Stellar’s sulphite-free organic wines and 100% natural coconut waters.

In the outdoor yard, you’ll get the chance to join the talented ‘free from’ kitchens/chefs who will prepare gluten and dairy free hot food and will gladly share recipes/tips with the visitors on how to cook healthy, but tasty food without using gluten, sugar or dairy. Kitchens include Andina, popular Shoreditch restaurant serving delicious Peruvian cuisine and Les Deux Amies, making tasty sweet & savoury buckwheat crepes.

The event has been organised for people with special dietary needs, however it’s open to anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle.

“We believe everyone deserves a Summer Food Festival this season, which caters for all dietary needs. Our event is a great opportunity to stock up on great, tasty ‘freefrom’ snacks or to purchase gifts for loved ones who have certain intolerances.”

Says Margarita Kalna, founder of Free From Events.

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