Calorie Labelling: Are you ready?

Change is coming.

Download our industry guide and make sure you’re prepared!

On 6th April 2022, new regulations will affect businesses who offer for sale non-prepacked food or drink suitable for immediate consumption by the person who buys it.

Everything you need to know and to prepare for Calorie Labelling can be found in this guide, including:

  • What the Calorie Labelling Law is, and why it is so important
  • A guide to new product labelling
  • A review of affected businessed
  • Digital menus and how to implement them
  • How to construct a calorie management plan

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As obesity and poor health continue to negatively impact society, the UK’s Public Health England launched a campaign back in 2018 to reduce calories in foods by 20% by 2024.

While some businesses may be concerned about the impact and cost of adapting their business to the changes, they needn’t be. Kafoodle can help organisations of all sizes meet the new guidelines without busting budgets.

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“It is very clear from data showing increases in candy, cookie and fast food sales that junk food companies seized the opportunity to keep their unhealthy products at the center of children’s attention. We need to break the junk food cycle to improve children’s health.”

Caroline Cerny

Obesity Health Alliance