Why should takeaways improve their nutritional labelling?

22nd August 2018

A study by Diabetes UK  has shown consumer spending habits to be greatly influenced by how transparent and understandable the food they are purchasing is, in fact, it was found that 60% of people are more likely to buy food from an establishment that provides traffic light labelling on menus and packaging. Clear food labelling can not only help people make healthier choices but also brings a new level of connection to the food they are eating. 

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Nutritional labelling serves many purposes, not only helping those who wish to better understand their food choices but also those restricted to special diets such as low-carb or low-fat.

Traffic light labelling is a simple, visual way to communicate nutritional information. With green representing a value deemed as low, amber as medium and red as high. Retailers are increasingly adopting traffic light labelling in an attempt to show full transparency to their consumers, with the days of hiding behind complex percentages literally numbered.

With 61% of adults in England overweight and demand for healthier alternatives increasing this is the perfect opportunity for takeaways to highlight the nutritional value of their menu options and promote their healthier choices.

Takeaways who take the step towards nutritional transparency send a clear message to their consumers, they care, they’re honest and they’re trustworthy and they will win customers. 

Kafoodle’s labelling feature pulls your recipe data directly from Kafoodle’s recipe-management software to create a wide range of labels for use on your pre-packaged food. With a selection of styles, shapes and designs it has never been easier to label your takeaway food. Each Kafoodle label is also allergen compliant, ensuring you not only communicate nutrition but also allergen information clearly. 

If you would like to hear more about Kafoodles labelling functionality then give us a call on 020 3371 0450 or contact Annie at Annie@kafoodle.com

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