Foodie Friday: “I will return to restaurants that I know have vegan options”

19th May 2017

Our Foodie Friday interview this week is with Ben, a 29 year old vegan who lives in central London. Ben works as a lawyer, and in his spare time he enjoys exercising and seeing his friends.

Although this week is National Vegetarian Week, where a celebration of a meat-free lifestyle is observed, veganism is also on the rise with an estimated 1% of the UK population taking up this diet. (That’s only 1% less than those with a vegetarian diet).

Vegan food sales were up by a massive 1500% during 2015, as large numbers of people are turning to plant based diets. The figures are only set to continue to rise, and we see this mirrored in many of the bigger chains now offering vegan alternatives.

We chatted to Ben about how this diet can impact the experience of dining out, and he was able to give us a brief insight into the factors he considers when choosing where to eat.

We would also like to wish Ben a huge happy birthday for last week; we hope you had a great day!

How many times a week do you eat out and roughly how much do you spend?

I eat out around three or four times a week.

What foods can you not eat or wish to avoid?

I am vegan. I, therefore, do not eat meat, dairy, eggs or animal products of any kind. I have been vegan since April 2016, and chose this diet for ethical, environmental and health reasons, although predominantly ethical.

How do you decide where to eat?

I will usually decide where to eat based on restaurant menus on websites or outside near the entrances. Otherwise, I will return to restaurants that I know have vegan options.

What would make eating out easier for you and allow you to #eatwithconfidence?

Eating out would be much easier if I knew of all the local restaurants that have vegan options and what those options were. It would be particularly helpful if nutritional information, such as protein content, could be included.

Tell us your favourite restaurant?

My favourite restaurant is now ASK, as they have recently introduced a separate vegan menu.

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