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Christmas dinner around the world

22nd December 2017
When it comes to Christmas dinner in Britain turkey and Christmas pudding immediately come to mind. Our friends abroad, however, have their own set of traditions. Here’s just a few to show exactly how varied Christmas…
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Healthy menu options will bring you customers

15th December 2017
Did you know that two thirds (67%) of consumers want to know the nutritional information of the dishes they’re served? We live in an era of information overload. The internet at our fingertips and…
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What is acrylamide and why should you care?

13th December 2017
Acrylamide is a chemical substance formed when starchy foods such as potatoes and bread are cooked at a high temperature, above 120°C, for a long period of time.   Which foods contain…
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Free-from – Who’s driving this key trend?

8th December 2017
Free-from – “denoting or relating to food products that do not contain ingredients known to cause a reaction in people with food allergies or intolerances.”   The free-from trend has exploded in recent years with Mintel predicting…
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Premium drinks – the way forward for 2018?

29th November 2017
New research from CGA has revealed British consumers to increasingly be opting for premium drinks brands with young adults leading the shift. This shift has led in turn to a surge in the sales and…
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<p>UK Cloud Awards - Best Public Sector Project<br />
Winner | 2018</p>

UK Cloud Awards - Best Public Sector Project
Winner | 2018

<p>Extreme Tech Challenge - Healthcare IT<br />
Winner | 2018</p>

Extreme Tech Challenge - Healthcare IT
Winner | 2018

<p>CIS Excellence Business Innovation Award<br />
Winner | 2017 </p>

CIS Excellence Business Innovation Award
Winner | 2017

<p>Product Excellence Award<br />
Winner | 2016</p>

Product Excellence Award
Winner | 2016

<p>Food Allergy Awareness<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Food Allergy Awareness
Winner | 2015

<p>Great British Entrepreneur Awards Silver<br />
Winner | 2015</p>

Great British Entrepreneur Awards Silver
Winner | 2015