“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.”

Jeff Bezos (CEO, Amazon)

Kafoodle’s Brand Heart

Our Brand Heart influences everything we do as a company, from how we present ourselves to the world to how we treat our customers and employees.


(Why do we exist?)

To educate food businesses and consumers around the importance and impact of food allergies, appropriate nutrition and safer food.

One day we hope that full and transparent food information will help support people’s health.


(What do we want to help create?)

A world where people can fully trust in the food they eat. We want to build a future where food information is simple, improving consumer health and safety through instantly and accurately communicating what is in the food people consume.


(What are we here to do?)

Provide an easier, more accurate and safer way for food businesses to communicate what is in their menus and dishes by using our software and services; giving their customers transparency, informed choice and a safer dining experience.


(How will we conduct ourselves)


To improve the transparency of all food information from supplier to consumer.
To work collaboratively with our customers; ensure fully informed every step of the way.

To communicate transparently with our team and share all relevant information.
To offer and accept constructive feedback – be open and honest with each other.


To work with clients in a flexible way making sure their experience is positive.
To be open to looking at how we can improve and develop.

To be agile in our work and able to help others where needed.
To constantly be looking at how our product can be made better or improved.


To work with experts in relevant fields – allergen management, nutrition, food safety.
To share best practice within our sector, and build it into our products and services.

To empower and trust each other to be able to do our best.
To offer advice/experience to any who need it within the team.